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About us 

We are artists' couple Jasmina & Kristiyan, our studio is our home where the whole family lives.
We have two children - a son Boil and a daughter PAGANE.

After her we named the resin jewelry that we create PAGANE uniques.

We are not a big company, only two of us work in the Studio, so our production is small and we can't supply big quantities.
There are three collections through the Year: 
Spring Collection in May, Summer Collection in July, and Winter Collection in November.

Our creations come out from our deep emotional inspirations, not from the seasons, trend tendencies or the market needs.

All the pieces are unique and they live their own lives.

There are NO plans to expand into big business with workers and production, because we will definitely lose the creativity and joy from the Art.
That is why we do not have our own gallery, but you can find us in some small galleries and shops, or you can visit our online shop in ETSY.

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